グループ招待 script ちょっと改良





string group_id = "9a3997da-cb99-e4c6-9e55-d2e244298f70";




// Group inviter script
// Written by hays uriza
// v:0.6
// kinou:
// user ni group no link wo tuch de osieru
// tukaumae ni surukoto:
// kono script no Group ID wo hituyou na Group ni suru.
// script wo PR object ni ireru ,basyo ha contents no ran
// ID no sirabekata:
// kensaku gamen no subete de ,group kensaku suru.
// gamen no sita ni sono group no linkID ga deru
// Rei "Concierge Information Group (JP)"to iu Group no baai, kensaku suru to
// Link to this page: to demasu. kono nakano b09b461f-abef-8bec-12e0-a407a41e7b3b no bubunga ID desu.
// Task:
// Message a user with a grouplink to Click
// Preparation:
// You do change the Group ID below to the one of your group
// Put the script into any prim by you desire group
//Group ID is investigated:
// You can determine this by doing a search in the new search.
// Every group has a page and at the bottom it shows the ID within a link
// For example "Concierge Information Group (JP)"
// Link to this page:
// b09b461f-abef-8bec-12e0-a407a41e7b3b <= the id
//"b09b461f-abef-8bec-12e0-a407a41e7b3b". pick your ID and replace the one below

string group_id = "9a3997da-cb99-e4c6-9e55-d2e244298f70";
// message to be shown before the link
// messagejp to be shown before the link (Other languages)

string messagejp = "チャットのURLをクリックして、ご加入ください。:";
string message = "Please Click to the following url to join our group (If you can't click the link press CTRL+H to open chat history.)";
touch_start(integer total_number)
llInstantMessage(llDetectedKey(0), "始めまして! "+llDetectedName(0)+"様"+ messagejp + " secondlife:///app/group/" + group_id + "/about");
llInstantMessage(llDetectedKey(0), "Hello!"+llDetectedName(0)+" "+ message + " secondlife:///app/group/" + group_id + "/about");

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